Beavers 30th Birthday

On October 1st our Beavers celebrated their 30th anniversary with a special birthday party. The hall was decorated in a Star Wars theme and there were special guests in the form of our district commissioner and several previous beaver leaders including Sue Bungy who came all the way from Cornwall for the event. There was a surprise visit from two storm troopers and their support staff who, after an hour of fun and games, told the beavers they had been picked for storm trooper training. The beavers and leaders were awarded birthday presents and told they had a good chance of becoming storm troopers one day, all except for grey beaver who was arrested and taken up to the death star to be told off by Darth Vader. The party concluded with cake and the chance to meet more ex leaders from the colony’s 30 year history. Many thanks to everyone who pitched in and worked late nights to make this event possible

This picture shows the decorated hall with cake laid out ready for the fun to start

Hall Decorations

2 storm troopers are picture with the Beavers

The Storm Troppers Arrive

Beavers are pictured wearing their Birthday T-shirts

Birthday Beavers

Cutting The Cake

Cutting The Cake