Group History

The 72nd Watford South Scout group was started on 1st October 1951, and was made up of children from families associated with the Whippendell Road Methodist Church.

The Whippendell Road church was renamed in 1966 when the former Wesleyan church in Queen’s Road, Watford was closed and the congregations united. From this date the church was renamed Trinity.

The green and gold of the group scarf is significant to the group’s original links to the Methodist Church movement, although we are now an open section, with a diverse mix of religions.

The Beaver colony began in October 1985 and celebrated its 30th birthday in October 2015 with a Star Wars themed celebration.

The group celebrated its 65th birthday in 2016 when all three sections joined together for a party including fun, games, a badge designing competition and cake!

The group continues to meet at the Trinity Methodist Church hall on Whippendell Road and members of all three sections regularly attend Church Parades at significant times of the year such as Mothering Sunday, Harvest Festival and Remembrance Sunday amongst others.

The group run an annual event called Simon’s Day, where all three sections join together to compete in various challenges. The event was set up in memory of a much-loved Scout leader who sadly passed away in 2002. The winner of the annual event is judged by the district commissioner or Group Scout Leader & Simon’s widow Denise, and has the honour of their name being added to the groups Simon’s Day Award Shield (donated by Denise), which they then keep for a year, as well as being given their own individual trophy to keep.